Interview Request

What’s it about?

Our mission is to talk to CIOs in growing and established businesses an share the challenges they faced and solutions they’ve put into place.

We want to share their stories to help other CIOs and IT leaders successfully serve their businesses.

We’re interested in talking to:

  • CIOs/IT Directors
  • Evangelists
  • Authors

Who is Duncan Malcolm?

120815-6.003-cropped-smallAs soon as he graduated, Duncan co-founded the successful managed hosting company EveryCity. Very quickly they were working with leading brands like IKEA, SoundCloud and other well known tech companies.

While doing so he was also the Startups Editor for and has since continues working with a number of startups and established companies helping them build interesting products.

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Q: How are the interviews conducted?

A:  CIOTank interviews will be by video Skype

Q: Do I need an special equipment?

A: As long as you have a laptop/computer and a Skype account you’ve got everything. We can help you figure out audio/mic..

Q: Is any preparation needed? Can I have questions in advance?

A: We’ll do a pre-interview before the main interview. The main interview needs no preparation and will form a single take natural conversation between two people.